About ABC theme

התמונה של Florian

ABC is an advanced HTML5 theme, with layout and style configuration options built in that you can control through Drupal's UI, to be ideal for a wide range of sites, from blogs to corporate sites. It is a RTL ready theme having features that fully support right to left languages.

The theme validates XHTML+RDFa, CSS 2/CSS 3, it is cross-browser compatible, and it passes WAVE and FAE.

Starting with version 7.x-3.x, ABC theme validates HTML5/CSS3 with no errors.

Layout features

  • 1, 2, or 3 column layout with adaptive width based on "The Jello Mold Piefecta Layout";
  • 20 collapsible block regions;
  • Many color options for: logo, background, titles, menu items, blocks, etc.;
  • Advanced SEO optimization;
  • Built-in IE6 transparent PNG fix;
  • Fixed or variable width sidebars;
  • Round corners for page elements and main menu;
  • Page and block icons;
  • jQuery Drop-down menu;
  • Helpful body classes (unique classes for each page, term, website section, browser, etc.);
  • Full breadcrumb;
  • Possibility to change "Submitted by" display on all nodes;
  • Bi-directional right to left (RTL) theming;
  • Works perfect in multilingual installations.

Advanced theme settings features

Layout settings

  • Latin alphabet logos in 5 colors;
  • Layout width - adaptive, fixed and fluid width for responsive layouts for mobile devices;
  • Sidebars layout - fixed width or variable width sidebars;
  • Background settings - background image set in 5 colors with static or fixed position;
  • Site name and node title in 5 colors;
  • Static menu or multi-level SuckerFish like drop-down menu, left or right positioned;
  • Menu items colors can be choose from 9 colors, including different colors for first and last items;
  • Tertiary menu built in;
  • Block settings - 6 Title color settings, and themed blocks for sidebars and user regions;
  • 3 font size settings;
  • Page icons - choose a layout with or without page icons;
  • Rounded corners - option to have rounded corners in all browsers but IE6;
  • No-followed login/register links;
  • Social links;
  • Breadcrumb - display or not;
  • Change "Submitted by" display on all nodes, site-wide;

Theme development settings

  • Rebuild theme registry on every page, during theme development;
  • Site ID body class - usefull in a multisite environment.