About ABC theme

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ABC is an advanced HTML5 theme, with layout and style configuration options built in that you can control through Drupal's UI, to be ideal for a wide range of sites, from blogs to corporate sites. It is a RTL ready theme having features that fully support right to left languages.

The theme validates XHTML+RDFa, CSS 2/CSS 3, it is cross-browser compatible, and it passes WAVE and FAE.

Starting with version 7.x-3.x, ABC theme validates HTML5/CSS3 with no errors.

Layout features

  • 1, 2, or 3 column layout with adaptive width based on "The Jello Mold Piefecta Layout";
  • 20 collapsible block regions;
  • Many color options for: logo, background, titles, menu items, blocks, etc.;
  • Advanced SEO optimization;
  • Built-in IE6 transparent PNG fix;
  • Fixed or variable width sidebars;
  • Round corners for page elements and main menu;
  • Page and block icons;
  • jQuery Drop-down menu;
  • Helpful body classes (unique classes for each page, term, website section, browser, etc.);
  • Full breadcrumb;
  • Possibility to change "Submitted by" display on all nodes;
  • Bi-directional right to left (RTL) theming;
  • Works perfect in multilingual installations.

Advanced theme settings features

Layout settings

  • Latin alphabet logos in 5 colors;
  • Layout width - adaptive, fixed and fluid width for responsive layouts for mobile devices;
  • Sidebars layout - fixed width or variable width sidebars;
  • Background settings - background image set in 5 colors with static or fixed position;
  • Site name and node title in 5 colors;
  • Static menu or multi-level SuckerFish like drop-down menu, left or right positioned;
  • Menu items colors can be choose from 9 colors, including different colors for first and last items;
  • Tertiary menu built in;
  • Block settings - 6 Title color settings, and themed blocks for sidebars and user regions;
  • 3 font size settings;
  • Page icons - choose a layout with or without page icons;
  • Rounded corners - option to have rounded corners in all browsers but IE6;
  • No-followed login/register links;
  • Social links;
  • Breadcrumb - display or not;
  • Change "Submitted by" display on all nodes, site-wide;

Theme development settings

  • Rebuild theme registry on every page, during theme development;
  • Site ID body class - usefull in a multisite environment.